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ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE, established in 1974, is a reputable locksmith with extensive experience in servicing, installing, and repairing locks and safes. Led by owner Doug Linley, our team is dedicated to delivering fast, friendly, and courteous service, making us industry leaders. Doug holds credentials from prestigious associations such as the British Columbia Association of Security Professionals, The National Locksmith Automobile Association, B.C. Association of Professional Locksmiths, and the Security Hardware Owners Association of British Columbia.

We specialize in providing the latest residential, commercial, and automotive security products and cutting-edge technology. Our skilled technicians offer tailored solutions and expert advice to implement the most effective security plan for your needs. Serving diverse clients throughout the Fraser Valley, we take pride in our wide range of solutions and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

For automotive, residential, or commercial security needs, trust ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE to provide the ideal solution.


  • Locks opened and rekeyed
  • Emergency Door Opened
  • Deadlock Installation
  • Master Key Systems
  • Safes Opened and Repaired
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Back Lock Service


  • Car Locks Opened
  • Keys Made for Most Makes
  • Domestic Models
  • Foreign Models
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Vintage & Collector Cars
  • Locks Rekeyed


ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE provides reliable and fast key cutting services at competitive prices. Our specialized car and truck key cutters know what it takes to cut even the most precise keys to match the exact details and pattern of your car or truck doors or ignition. Whether you have lost your original keys or are looking to create an extra set, we can cut the key for you and make sure that it is a smooth fit. We service all: Makes and Models Campers and RV’s Trucks Motorcycles


Why change your locks? Some people don’t know why they are changing them, or why they should be. The most important point to consider before changing your locks is to see whether it just needs to be repaired or if it needs a complete replacement.

WEAR & TEAR – Aged or rusted locks are a big sign of weakness in home security.  

ROOMMATES – If you rent out your home or space in it, you may want to consider replacing the locks or having them re-keyed for each new tenant. 

BREAK-INS – If you have experienced a break-in or even an attempted one, it is important that you replace your locks immediately. 

LOST OR STOLEN KEYS – At some point we have all had the scary feeling of losing our keys, or worse, having them stolen. 

NEW HOME/OFFICE– You are the proud owner of a new home or office, but do you know how many keys the previous owner may have handed out to their family members, friends, or previous staff? 

TECHNOLOGY CHANGES – Even if any of the above hasn’t happened to you, locks can become obsolete and security technology is constantly changing and updating. 

STAFF – Whether it is home or office staff, you may want to consider changing your locks if someone you have employed is no longer working for you, especially if you part ways on bad terms. 


The certified staff at ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE believes that one of the most effective ways to ensure your personal safety and security is to install a deadlock or deadbolt. Deadlocks provide added security to virtually any type of structure, be it at home or at work. They are among the most popular and reliable high security locks on the market. Deadlocks can also be used in partnership with keyless entry locks to provide exterior door locks that are second to none in their reliability and in the amount of security that it can provide to you and your family.

ALLPRO LOCKS & SAFE is a licensed, bonded, and insured company with highly trained staff specialized in professional deadlock installation. Trust us for your front or back door deadlock installation in the Fraser Valley area. We prioritize honesty, dependability, and professionalism to ensure the proper fit and optimal security of your new locking system. Our locksmiths assess your door, considering size, material, and preferences, to determine the best deadlock type. With access to the latest products and installation equipment, we guarantee a perfect fit for your specific needs. Don’t compromise on security – choose ALLPRO LOCKS & SAFE for professional and reliable deadlock installation.


The difference between an emergency locksmith and a regular residential/commercial locksmith is a difference of time. When you are locked out of your house or vehicle, or have had some type of security breach or you need your locks changed immediately because you have lost your keys or had them stolen, time is of the essence. Emergencies don’t just happen in the 9-5 hours of a regular work day or at convenient times, they happen at any time and any place and require an immediate response.

ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE provides clients with complete emergency locksmith services including:

  • Lockouts/Lock-ins
  • Emergency Lock
  • Repair/Change
  • Key Making / Replacement
  • Lock Rekeying

ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE offers 24/7 emergency locksmith services with bonded and insured mobile technicians. We understand the urgency of lockouts and provide immediate, expert assistance. Unlike regular locksmiths who require appointments or make you wait, our emergency services are available whenever unexpected lock problems arise.

Finding a reliable 24/7 emergency locksmith can be challenging. At ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE, we provide fast, friendly, and competitively priced services to alleviate your financial concerns during stressful situations. Serving the Fraser Valley area, our emergency locksmith technicians bring comfort and peace of mind. With their expertise, you’ll regain access to your home, business, or automobile promptly.


There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you turn the key but your car’s ignition just won’t turn over. It’s every driver’s worst nightmare, especially when you have somewhere important to be. Get back up and running in no time with fast and efficient car ignition repair in Langley from ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE.

Call ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE when your car’s ignition fails, and our expert technicians will promptly diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring you get back on the road without delay.

ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE provides efficient on-the-spot ignition replacement services in Abbotsford for all makes and models, ensuring minimal downtime and valuing your time.

Expert Service
With skilled locksmiths providing fast, friendly service and competitive pricing, ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE ensures prompt ignition repairs and replacements in Chilliwack, so you can get back on the road quickly and conveniently, available 24/7 at (604) 858-0003.


The difference between key cutting at big box stores or from ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE is that we get it done right the first time! There is nothing more problematic and frustrating than a lock that cannot be opened due to a faulty key.

ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE provides professional key cutting and duplication services, ensuring accurate and precise keys that fit your locks perfectly and avoid any potential damage. With a 24/7 mobile service, our experienced staff offers competitive prices and can handle various key duplication needs, whether it’s due to necessity or convenience, giving you peace of mind with a new set of keys for your home, car, or other locks. Say goodbye to sharing keys and struggling with old, bent ones – trust us to deliver reliable key cutting solutions.


When a lock has been damaged, it can cause other problems and headaches for those individuals who need to access a building, home, room, or vehicle. When keys can no longer smoothly open a lock, it may be damaged, which is a sign that you should contact the staff at ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE.

Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide fast and affordable lock repair services for a wide range of interior and exterior door locks. Whether you’ve experienced a break-in or your locks have aged, we prioritize restoring your security. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and offer various repair options for your stuck, malfunctioning, or broken locks. We understand the importance of lock maintenance, as grime and dust can affect their functionality over time. From deadlocks to digital locks, our qualified staff can safely repair any type of door lock, including front doors and sliding glass doors. We aim to quickly resolve lock issues, no matter the size, to ensure your safety and convenience. We also specialize in car lock repairs and replacements, including expert ignition repairs and replacements, and offer tailored services for vintage vehicle locking systems. Contact our expert team for more information on our automotive services.


ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE has been providing the Fraser Valley with safe opening and unlocking services for many years. Our trained specialists can open most safes by manipulation, however if that is not the solution, we have the knowledge and tools to drill and repair. Whether it is a small home safe, a larger immovable safe or an installed unit, we can repair, service, or replace dial and digital combination products.

There are a number of different types of safes that ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE can service.

  • Floor Safes
  • Key Safes
  • Fireproof Safes
  • Hidden Wall Safes
  • Key Safe Boxes
  • Safety Deposit Boxes

With our 24/7 service, ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE’s expert technicians are skilled in opening safes and ensuring the retrieval of your valuable items. We prioritize cautious safe manipulation and precise lock picking or drilling techniques to minimize any potential damage. Whether you need emergency safe opening or assistance with relocating a safe, our experienced staff is the best option. If you’ve forgotten the combination or misplaced your keys, our experts can quickly open your lock box. In cases where tampering or damage has occurred, we analyze the safe and lock mechanism to determine the appropriate technique for minimal damage. Our technicians use a combination of feel, sound, and touch for dial combination safes and are experienced in opening electronic safes without drilling in most cases. If uneven spring pressure or wear prevents manipulation, our knowledgeable staff will drill the safe in a way that allows it to be used again without significant damage.